Our wine tours plot the journey from seed to soil, vines to wine.
Discover the intimate relationships we all share with the land and the importance of a natural vineyard, good quality soils and vines, and how these effect the quality of the final product.
We will also explore biodynamics, the importance of a sense of place, and the concept of  'terroir'.
We will imbibe local culture and aim to capture the  spirit of the areas we visit. Rather than dashing here and there, we will focus on only a small number of vineyards during each tour.

All encompassing, fun-packed learning!
Tour sizes are kept to eight  maximum, with evening get-togethers involving the best of local hospitality, delicious natural wines (of course) along with gastronomic delights freshly picked or plucked!
Join us on a truly memorable 2018 tour, places are limited so visit the booking page to find out more.
Tours also include excursions, a visit to a local food producer, where you will take part in making your own version of a local dish, e.g. pasta in Italy as well as professional photography training.

Combining cooking classes, wine & food tasting, photography training, learning about natural soils and biodynamic farming techniques.

Your Wild Atlantic Wine Tour brings together like-minded people to share learning, get drunk on life and experience truly great times in authentic family run, small-scale vineyards.


Learn how to make some of the local dishes from...the locals! Our tours incorporate culinary lessons that focus on having a bit of fun, whilst learning a new cooking skill. This could be making pasta in Italy, pastries in Provence or truffle hunting in Slovenia!


Wine making with low intervention, or along biodynamic principles is a highly scientific, if not misunderstood, method of working with the land. The artisan farmer/growers will help us get down and dirty as they explain all about their own vineyard practices.


Get the shot, discover what the buttons on your camera do, whether you are using a good quality mobile phone or a gadget-laden camera, I'll show you how to get the most out of your photography as we build an image based book of our tour!

Due to the nature of the picking season, we generally run the tours in March and November.

As well as learning about photography, tour leader, Tom, will also help you learn about the wine based on his experience owning and running Ireland's first natural Wine Bar. The tours are very laid back in style and are as much a journey into soils and ecology as they are history and gastronomy.

We look forward to seeing you on the next tour!!


Tuscany and Sicily are the two destinations for 2018. We'll look at a large commercial winery using an ecological approach to their operation as well as a smaller scale Biodynamic farm that also produces olive oils, with an extremely strong interest in the protection and conservation of the land.


We have some fantastic artists of the vines lined up for this years tours, where we'll be heading into the beautiful beating heart of natural wine - the Loire Valley. The tour takes in the legal issues of wine labelling as well as arguably the most influential figure in the natural wine movement and delves into the soul of soil.


(TBC) produce two of my personal favourite wines from the last three years of owning The Gallery Wine Bar. A Blaufränkisch red and a Furmint white wine. With no fining or filtration, their wines are simply bottled artwork. The Slovenian tour takes in their vineyard and gives a real insight into all aspects of the wine business.