Welcome 2018

Howdy folks, I hope you have all had a very nice start to the year.

Most of us have been dealing with power outages, hail, rain, sleet and snow as well as some serious bouts of Aussie flu!!! Hopefully that hasn’t put the dampeners on us too much and we can look forward to a year filled with opportunity, love, warmth and prosperity.

Here’s a shot I took of the local holy mountain, Croagh Patrick, it’s also the reason for the eagle logo that I use (post coming up about that too!) or just visit my web design site instead: www.wildatlanticwebdesign.com as there is information on there about it too.

Anyway, the fog this day was incredible and the mountain looked like it was suspended or out at sea.


There’s a few more shots from that morning too, it really was like nothing I had ever seen before, with a blanket of fog stretching all across the Nephin mountains too.

I’ll be posting more on this blog site form now on as for the last three years, I have been really busy with the wine bar! This year is the start of the tours so I hope you can join me for one, or even a workshop or day of one-to-one training.

Thanks and blessings, Tom.

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